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Triumph rocket 3 bagger front Triumph rocket 3 bagger side view
Triumph rocket 3 bagger

What A Triumph!

Triumph Rocket 3 Bagger

It’s been great to see the recent Triumph Rocket 3 Bagger build come together; it was a real labour of blood (literally), sweat (and then some) and tears (well, maybe not quite).

I got down to work in February with the making of new dropped rear struts and bag frames. Next came the seat pan, change to front end and the arrival at a big decision – the colour!

Had a bit of setback (one way to describe it) in March, when my thumb had an argument with the grinder. I’ll spare you the more gruesome details, but let’s just say a momentary lapse in concentration resulted in the severing of a couple of tendons – let that be a lesson to you all!

Like the true hero I am (less laughter please) I soldiered on, working on exhausts, shrouds and back end in a kind of one-handed fashion. With pipes and shrouds completed, bag frames and T-bars fitted, the masterpiece aka Triumph Rocket 3 Bagger(ish) was finally completed.

As you can see, it’s a vision of stainless shininess, a labour of love fabrication. The customer’s smile said it all! With widened and lowered rear rails to take car tyre and Harley bags and cool set of T-bars, it’s one impressive machine.

Thanks to Jason at Bike Seat Pro for the super looking seat and Ben at Hydroqubics for the brilliant paint job. The end result is awesome!

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